Question / Help Window Capture Bug


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Hello guys, a friend want to stream League of Legends with OBS Multiplatform. The problem is , if she want to record her Lol Client with Window Capture, other programs like ts or steam chat will overlap this window in stream.

an example: we have a background picture, Lol Client with window capture, and twitch alerts / chatbox.

All looks fine for the first moment, but we can see obs overlap the lolclient window in the obs preview, other programs like steam chat and teamspeak too.

I dont have this problem with obs mp, but i´m using only 1 monitor, and she use 2 monitors. I think its a little bit buggy with dual monitor setup hm?

If we use gamecapture for the client, we got no window, only a little red point,thats all :D

I hope u guys have a way to fix it^^

btw. sorry for my bad english, but i hope its good enough :P


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Yeah she use win7, and aero is disabled in windows itself, not in obs. Well, we try it out later, i hope with aero enabled fix the problem. thanks :)


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Disabling aero in windows 7 specifically causes layering problems in window capture.