Where do audio media sources output to?


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Hi everyone,

I can't seem to figure out how to hear (monitor) my audio media source I use in my intro screen. Where does an audio media source output to?

I'm also not super clear on the relationship between and meaning of Desktop audios vs Mic/Auxs. My audio and video is all coming through on Zoom, including the audio media source, but I just want to understand it better and be able to hear the audio media source live (not just see the levels and verify via recording Zoom calls). Do I need to set up VB audio cable B as the speaker in Zoom and Mic/Aux audio 2 in OBS? And then monitor that in OBS?

I'm using OBS to send video (NDI plugin) and audio to Zoom (VB audio cable A), then streaming live from Zoom. Perhaps this is suboptimal vs. putting Zoom into OBS and streaming from OBS, but I need to interact with the users in the Zoom call in real time (not 1-4 second delay if they watch on Twitch or Youtube live) and I would like to send all of my different cameras/scenes that I have set up in OBS into the Zoom call again for real time interaction with the other Zoom callers.

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