Question / Help when i plug my roxio in it just shows a blue screen

the title says it all when i try to use my roxio hd capture pro it just shows a blue screen but people say roxio works with this release of multiplatform on windows


Okay, follow these instructions and see if it helps:

1.) Close OBS if it's open.
2.) Open the roxio software and get the roxio to display
3.) Close the roxio software
4.) Open OBS again and see if it works.

Weird instructions I know, but it basically resets an internal setting to cause the device to output with different encoders. There's no real choice for the time being without their actual API (which is probably proprietary)
so i have no idea what happened but OBS just shows the roxio now like i reopened OBS to start yourinstructions and now i can see my ps4 and im really confused but i appreciate the help! and im really glad i dont have to use xsplit... gross