Question / Help What is the settings or secret for Photoshop and Lightroom in OBS?

Clifford Manthey

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I can display other Photo software but whats up with Photoshop and Lightroom? I had it for awhile then the Photo won't display to work on them in OBS Live.
Today I had both for awhile in YouTube then they went blank with Photo.
Is there another software to use for Live Stream even paid version?
I'm using windows 10 Nivida graphics.
Appreciate the help Thanks, Cliff


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OBS supports the management console, the REST API, offers multiple-language SDKs, and is compliant with mainstream client software. You can upload, update, and control your data on the Internet at any time, anywhere.


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what didnt show only the mainscreen of photoshop then you need to use Display Capture not window Capture.
Photoshop and other programms create new windows for everything on the Desktop they are not linked to the main window.