Webcams freezing which have been fine for years


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Hi all,

I am using OBS Studio (26.1.1 x64) with a pair of Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 webcams. Each is connected into a seperate powered USB 2.0 hub. For three years this has worked perfectly and I can switch between the cameras without issue.

Now, without any change to my hardware (and no update to OBS) either of the webcams randomly freezes its feed.

If I exit OBS, the webcam's physical light still says on until I have physically disconnected it and reconnected. I am not sure what this behaviour actually means. Something else is trying to use the webcam, or a connection has been left open somehow?

Some days this setup is fine, some days it is not.

Could anyone help suggest what I can investigate/debug further? Even if you don't know the solution, where would you look next?

Last log file:

Thanks in advance for your help.