Webcams don't activate


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Hi All,
I'm trying to set OBS up as a virtual webcam with 2 webcams and screen capture. Everything was fine when I set it up. But now 90% of the time obs pretends the webcams are not plugged in/don't activate. I tried to deactivate them if not used as well as keep them active but have the same issue with both settings. When I let them activate when used, I see the status indicator on the webcam blink that he's trying to do something, but stops very quickly and stays inactive. All other apps have no issues using them. Also for OBS it worked fine at the start but stopped functioning very quickly.
I checked that no other applications are using any of the webcams either and have only 1 instance of either webcam.
Any help or hints would be very appreciated, been looking into this for almost a week


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Just tested it with different webcams as well. Exact same issue, they activate for half a second and immediately turn off, without showing any image on OBS


When we started to broadcast with two webcams we discovered that it is important to keep the same webcam to the same usb port. If those got mixed up: remove them via Windows Device Manager, reboot and set up again.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please provide a log file. Here's how.


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Make sure you only add one of each webcam, and use "add existing" if you need it on other scenes. Also make sure to limit the resolution or connect them to different USB hubs (eg one in the back ports, one in the front ports).


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Hey R1CH,
Cheers for the response. That is a good note that I initially also had to play with a bit.
Though yesterday I also went on the OBS support discord and with help from those guys we found that I'm an idiot who doesn't use these setups a lot since I was using a USB hub for all the webcams, which is not the best plan.
So with plugging them in to the PC directly the issue was resolved.