Webcam; Camera control; exposure not working or resetting


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Based on my experience, tweaking too much can cause webcam to malfunction.

Exposure is stuck to -6 forever.

Video cam proc
Beware of 60hz and 50hz I think this one is the reason (power line) - tweaking why my webcam was destroyed.

I already test it on Camera App of windows, FPS is badly 5fps and exposure is stable but the feature of webcam is auto.

I also put my webcam in another computer; same situation.

I borrow webcam from my neighborhood, no problem, works fine in OBS.

Webcamera - A4tech PK-920H (1 month old, worth 40$)


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Update solution:
If you buy new webcam to replace the malfunctioned one, uninstall the Driver (Device Manager) and OBS studio with Portable Revo Uninstaller software to make registry and some settings to be cleared. Export Profile Settings and Scene before uninstalling.

Restart computer (important)

Install again OBS studio (import backups), plug the new webcam.

Add Video Capture > Properties > Configure Camera >
In Camera Control panel not Video Camera Proc tab > Just Uncheck the Exposure, never slide it to 1, 2, 3 or up > Hit OK, NEVER hit Apply and then Hit OK again in Propeties Panel.

Close OBS studio, open it again, observe Webcam exposure comes back again, go to Configure Camera and Uncheck/Check/Uncheck > hit OK, and OK again, observe exposure.

My opinion is when you hit Apply it will remember settings and when you open OBS again it will remember exposure settings so adjusting exposure again will exaggerate or duplicating the exposure settings that's the reason why webcam becomes malfunctioned.

Never user Apply button in Video Cam Proc and Camera Control, just use OK button. Always manual adjust webcam expusure at every time you use OBS.