Vulkan Capture


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I am having trouble capturing Vulkan games on OBS, I've uninstalled OBS multiple times to see if that would fix it but it still won't capture Rainbow Six Siege or HyperScape when running in Vulkan. This problem also occurred in Streamlabs OBS. When I do try to add game capture of a Vulkan game all I get is a red dot in the top left of the scene. What can I do to fix this issue?



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same on screen capture ?

and little tip was i have seen
13:37:19.917: WASAPI: Device 'Headset Earphone (3- Arctis 7 Chat)' [48000 Hz] initialized
13:37:19.943: WASAPI: Device 'Headset Microphone (3- Arctis 7 Chat)' [44100 Hz] initialized
look that all devices have the same rate


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Display Capture shows it but anytime I switch between monitors it goes black for two/three seconds, also it's just Vulkan any other game api works