VST in OBS for Linux


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What can I say to help the cause?
OBS for Linux is Amazing.
Reaper for Linux is Amazing.
I am spoiled using the VST plugins available.

I would LOVE to be able to use VST with OBS like those slimy Windows users do.

Please HELP!



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I stay on Kubuntu 20.04 that is a Windows like operation sistem but there issn't filter like in Windows. I search news about this mistake. I wont same effect for my bad voice.


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Now that OBS seems to have support for VST plugins, can someone explain how to get them to show up as an option for audio filters? I'm using arch linux, and neither the obs-studio package nor the obs-studio-git package contains an obs-vst.so plugin. Moreover, there's no option to add a VST plugin in the audio filter dialog. Do I need to supply some additional option to cmake, or install reaper before compiling OBS studio? I'm very eager to use this feature but can't find any description of how.