Videos Flickering Issue

Dave Alcatraz

New Member
Hi there,

I have a selection of standard VHS home videos; most are Comet E-180HQ PAL Secam.

Footage is dated circa 1990, through to 1995. All in good condition.

I have tested using a scart through to TV and they're OK - the ones I've tested for recording through to iMac are anyway. iMac 27 inch, 2015, 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 32 GB, macOS Big Sur version 11.1)

The issue I have is, the footage seems to record well onto iMac for 40 mins or so, then it is almost like the tracking is going out: the recording seems to flicker downwards to upwards with lines coming across the screen. This happens with every video. OK for the first 40 mins then problems thereafter.

When I try a brand new video tape and record, it works fine then seems to deteriorate from 40mins onwards as above.

Could this be my VCR losing its ATR capability after a certain time with each new video? Or is it a problem with my OBS settings/hardware choice?

The big concern is, once this has started, it seems to persist - even after I've rewound the video and tried to record again. Is the VCR tightening the reel on each video too much, or something like that?

They do seem to work OK again once connected to the TV via scart which is a relief.

Has anyone else had similar issues and are there any solutions?