Video source disconnecting every time!!

Goodmorning OBS world, i use OBS with a MacBookPro 16'' 2019. In the scenes that i've created one of the sources is a device of video capture, this device is a Sony RX100 MV connected to my MBP with an HUB (CallDigit) and through the CamLink 4k by Elgato.

The problem with this setup is that when i shotdown my MBP and restart it, OBS don't find this source so i have to delete the source and recreate it.

How can i fix this problem?
I have the same issue with virtually the same's a drag, but I've just resigned myself to recreating the source every time. My problem isn't limited to OBS, other apps don't recognize the CamLink right away either.

Sorry, I haven't found a solution.