Question / Help Video Recording Shutting Itself off Randomly

So I record a 20 minute video and go to check it out.. and... it has only recorded 58 seconds of the video? Great program.

And no, I'm not running out of space on the hard drive.
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Tested different games and it does the same thing with all of them.. the recording shutting off randomly within the 1 minute mark... sigh...
This is driving me nuts..... I've been up all frikkin night trying to solve this, googling like a madman for an answer but no one seems to know anything... all I can find is generic garbage advice (which I have tried over and over...) Don't know what to do any more...
1. NO it's obviously not a lack of hard drive space when i have several TB available. 2. No, it's not my outdated graphics card driver. (which I have reinstalled several times.) 3. NO it's not me not having Microsoft Visual C++ redist 2017 installed. 4. NO it is NOT my computer being too bad.

Ugh.. so sick of all this generic advice... I wouldn't be going on a forum bothering people if it was something trivial i could figure out myself. Sigh...