Video continues to freeze... and it used to work just fine???


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I record and livestream my church's services using OBS and the Livepro L1. It's not grandiose, but it can handle four different HDMI sources and output them over USB 3.0 into OBS (which sees it like a webcam). I've been doing this for seven months flawlessly, but last Sunday (1.16.22), the video will intermittently freeze.

Here's what I've noticed.

I'll boot up OBS, and everything works fine. After 1-5 minutes, the audio and video freezes. I can deactivate and reactivate the source, and it'll pick up like nothing happened, but then it'll freeze in the same nature minutes later. I interpret it as some kind of "hiccup" that temporarily disrupts the video feed to OBS, but I can't pin down where or what might be causing that (I saw somebody else here mention other software on the computer doing that, but I don't think that's likely).

I've tried opening the Livepro L1 on the default Windows camera app to record and it'll run with no issue, so I think this just might be an issue with OBS (or at least, how I have it configured).

What's got me flummoxed here is that for months this worked flawlessly - we even upgraded to a newer computer with more power to it and it worked just fine. Does anybody know what the culprit might be? Note: it's only the sources that freeze. OBS stills responds normally.

Here is the log. Every time you see "[DShow Device: 'Livepro'] settings updated:" is me deactivating and reactivating the source.


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I am having the same problem on my M1 Mac Mini. Last week, I was using the Virtual Camera for a Zoom trial and it froze on me. I had to sign in on Zoom, directly.

Is there a way to downgrade to an earlier version? For a year, OBS worked just fine.