Question / Help Video can only be played but not shared, remuxed, reencoded, or uploaded anywhere.

simon ghoul

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The video is corrupted slightly I think and this is the second time it happened (first time being a month ago(2/24/19 probably). I don't have that video now because the update before the patch by default deleted the original file)
  1. OBS is up to date (23.0.2 64 bit Windows 10)
  2. Video was recorded on obs.
  3. Had been using obs for months and this has been happening since maybe a month ago. It may be because of the new update
  4. Video's name is 2019-03-09 15-15-16.mkv
  5. I use quicksync ICQ to encode the video
  6. The video is playable on vlc
  7. The video does not want to be uploaded everywhere (the video is always only able to transfer 18mb, or 8% on youtube, and drive just looks like it's restarting the whole thing every time it fails. I tried mega too)
  8. The video does not want to be remuxed
  9. The video does not want to re-encode (I think the encoding just stopped and that's it on that video)
  10. This does not happen to every video I make with obs, only some
  11. In vlc, the video once stopped playing at 01:07 and closes. I can skip ahead and still see the video after that point. This only happened once and going back there didn't make it close by itself again
  12. The video is probably sentient
  13. The video's size is 224mb. and is 16 minutes and 15 seconds long.
OBS Log: (multiple videos were recorded that same day. Sorry but I don't know what causes this issue since the other 3 videos did work well being remuxed)
Handbrake Log:
Video File: Unavailable because issue prevents me to do it
you can see the video here:
VLC info on the video



I really want to upload a video, I hope I can get the issue fix or at least prevent it from happening again, my plan now is to just record and see if it happens again, I can't replicate the issue so it would just take a lot of time and it would great help if there's any info I can give you guys on the video file or anything related to solve this issue. I am also going to reinstall obs