Question / Help Very bad video quality no matter what settings I use


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Hello. My footage ends up being of a very bad quality no matter what settings combinations I use and no matter what I record, a game or my desktop.
I've tried standard presets first, then I've tried recording my footage using both x264 and NVENC encoders, tried both CBR at different bitrates (between 2500 and 6000), CPQ (at 15-25) and VBR at 60000, tried different CPU usage presets, but all of these combination looked equally bad. Recording on smaller resolutions doesn't help. I also don't scale my recording in anyway. I've tried recording both in .flv, .mkv and even lossless .avi, same result.
Here's log, although it only shows me recording with default preset:

And for reference, I attached a screenshot of what my quality looks like. Looking forward to help.