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I’m new to OBS and I don’t have many skills in this area.

I just needed to record a video in full screen but all the attempts I made they always have the same problem: besides the 2 horizontal stripes from the video in full screen, I also have 2 vertical stripes.

I imagine it must be a problem of resolution but I haven’t been able to solve it.

My monitor resolution is 1360x1024. I have put in video – Base 1360x1024 and in Output the same. I tried smaller resolutions in output but didn't solve the problem. The other values I left the default ones.

Any ideas about how to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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I attach an example of a video and the screenshot of OBS open in my computer.

W10 Version – 1803 (OS Build 17134,829)

Thanks for your help


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Okay, the first shot looks like it's from playback of your recording, but the second shows you are capturing your desktop.

The bars are because there's a difference between the size of the source you're capturing and the resolution you've set.

If your source is a camera, add it as a source, don't capture the desktop.

If your source material is a media file, add that as a source, don't capture the desktop.

If you have to capture the desktop because there's no other method, then you have to make sure the screen is filled and it set to the same resolution you're capturing. If it isn't, then you'll get black bars.

At the very least, check your desktop capture source by right-clicking it in the source pane, choosing Transform from the pulldown, and make sure it is Sized to fit the screen. If it is the same size as your canvas resolution, the frame should fill the preview window.


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Thanks for your reply.

Well my source is, in this example, a video from Youtube. So, as far as I can imagine, I can’t add another source than the desktop. Besides, as I had written before, all the resolutions are the same: desktop = Video base = video output = 1360x1024.

I tried to right click on “sources” - Transform - Fit to screen, but it didn’t change anything.


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If the video is filling your display, and the size of the video and the native resolution of your display and the canvas resolution are all the same, then there should be no black bars.

YouTube videos, though, are not generally 4:3, they're 16:9, so you are absolutely going to at the very least have letterboxing (black bars top and bottom). You should be able to manually resize the source to minimize them, but if you go so far as to fill the screen you'll be cropping off part of the video.