Bug Report v4l2 input module unusable in 25.0.8


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An update gave me OBS 25.0.8 today and both my Avermedia USB HDMI interfaces stopped working in OBS. That is, they work somewhat, but the quality of the image is poor and as soon as I want to configure a v4l2 input, OBS gets stuck. I cannot select any option and clicking on cancel or OK can lead to crash.
I'm on Kubuntu 18.04 with the kxStudio PPAs, OBS installed via PPA from this site here.

This renders OBS completely useless for me and I'm now trying to find an older version somehow.


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To add to this: STDERR logs the following lines in an infinite loop as soon as I enter the config dialog of the v4l2 source:

info: v4l2-input: Start capture from /dev/video0
info: v4l2-input: Input: 0
info: v4l2-input: Resolution: 1920x1080
info: v4l2-input: Pixelformat: 3RGB
info: v4l2-input: Linesize: 5760 Bytes
info: v4l2-input: Framerate: 60,00 fps
info: v4l2-input: Stopped capture after 1 frames