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Upstream X 1.0.0-rc


iixisii submitted a new resource:

Upstream X - streaming/recording timer

upstream X

  • output
use for targeting when the timer/event should run (default is stream)
  • uptime source
the source where the timer will be displayed. You can have multiple sources.
  • event time (optional)
the time for when an event should occur (Hh:Mm:ss)
where (Hh) is for hours, (Mm) is for minutes and (ss)...

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iixisii updated Upstream X with a new update entry:

upstreamX 1.0.0-RC VERSION UPDATE

  • Output
(Dynamic) this option allows the user to have a user-controlled time
when selected it will register hotkeys "start", "stop", "reset"
this option can only be modified on creation meaning when you create a dynamic timer
without switching the output option or reloading the script, you be able to then add events sources etc.
you can have multiple dynamics timer by...

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