Undocument UI Behavior Change with Ver 27 for Slideshows?


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Testing the new 27.0.1 for Windows 64 bit (Mac version too), as we're excited about new features. But we may have found an undocumented (as far as I can find) behavior change in the UI with Slideshows. We use groupings of images in slideshows quite frequently. So, any given slideshow might have anywhere from 3 to 10 slides in it. We run in Studio mode, so we have Preview/Program windows visible.

In the previous OBS version, we'd Preview the Slideshow, make sure it's on Slide 1. Below the Preview window, we'd get the VCR-type controls with Previous/Next buttons, etc. We'd Transition the Slideshow to the Program window, and the VCR-type controls would sit there fine, and we'd Next, Next, Next each slide on cue. Everything worked great.

Well, now in OBS 27.0.1, this behavior is different. Like before, we Preview the Slideshow, make sure it's on Slide 1, and the VCR-type controls appear below the Preview window. But, once we transition it to the Program window, the VCR-type buttons disappear. It appears that the former contents of the Program window, which have now switched to the Preview window, that THOSE relevant controls appear, so our VCR-type buttons are nowhere to be seen. There is no way to advance the Slideshow once it appears in the Program window.

This is reproducible behavior in both the Windows and Mac versions.

Now, we have found a workaround, where we set hotkeys to Previous/Next commands within a Slideshow, but you have to do that under settings for each and every Slideshow in your loaded deck.

Question 1: Am I missing something about how to see VCR-type controls for a Slideshow once it appears in the Program window?

Question 2: Wouldn't it make sense to have that middle bar context-sensitive area be broken into two halves? The portion under the Preview window be relevant to whatever is in the Preview window (VCR controls for a Slideshow, filepath for an Image, play button & timeline for a video, etc), and the portion under the Program window hold whatever is relevant to the Program window (a different set of VCR controls for a Slideshow, stuff for image, stuff for video, etc)?

Thanks for any helpful comments.