Unable to stream using RCA cable to OBS through USB


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I m trying to have SONY 3ddc to be streaming with OBS and I m having trouble to get any image through. USB Camera can be found but can't get image. I m using RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable to Mini Av2HDMI adapter to the USB into my computer. Please if anybody has experienced this and has a solution please help. I have attached what I m having.


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    Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 10.39.39 AM.png
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Hi there :)

Seems the problem is comning from the device you use, not OBS... As you can see, what you have on OBS (in your screenshot) is actually what your device is sending :)


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Yes, the issue is not OBS but my SONY 3 CCD. So I wanted to see somebody has experienced this issue because I have tried to capture image by inserting a Mini DV and see if I can be able to have image sent to OBS; still not luck. How does OBS capture image through RCA cable? Any ideas?