Twitch follower logs?


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I'm looking for an application that logs followers to a .txt file or a making a list on the application.

The reason why I want this is because sometimes you don't have time to look at a different screen to see who just followed so thanking them afterwards will be easier with an application that makes a log of them.

Thank you for reading and in advance thank you for helping.


Marko Marko

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Any help would be great right about now because everything i current found is browser based and i am running out of screen space for all my windows lol


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I have a question regarding Twitch's JSON file found at:

I'm trying to build my own alert system and this JSON from twitch is working fine. But it updates very slowly. For example, I compared things like TwitchAlerts and SubAlerts and they get the newest follower much quicker than the Twitch JSON file updates. So my Follower Alerts would be like 10-15 seconds slower than these other tools.

Does anyone know a faster way to get the Follower Lists like other applications are doing? And also subscriber lists?



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I need this too. I need the Full list of my followers to collect their names and put them into monthly draws. The last 5 is nice on how teeboard works. I would like something like that but will a list of all of my followers. Is there anything like that out . I see this .. It is nice . but I do not need all that data. just there names.
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