Question / Help Twitch downloaded Vods come out out of sync at certain points. Need to stream and record gameplay at the sametime?


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When i finish my stream i choose to download the VOD to edit it down to upload to youtube but i find that at some point the audio just slowly desnyc with the video, on extreme moment was when the video just speed up ahead while the audio played at normal speed causing the desync others moments are much slower and harder to notice. So is this a OBS issue along with my computer being slow or twitch or just the internet.

Im ready to just record straight to my PC through obs while streaming, not needing to download the vods at all but would that take more power from my PC to both stream and record at the sametime?

Main question is, does this affect the actual stream where maybe the bit rate lags behind and the live viewers which should just go back to normal.

Next thing would be to record while streaming, does this increase on power usage on the PC that much? Maybe for now is to record in 720P at 30fps but im still not sure about seetings either encoder X264 or NVENC H.264 but im sure ill find that info some where, regardless ill just write it here for now as notes..
like Rate control currently using CBR or bitrate when recording and streaming and their differences if at all, CPU Usage ,
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