Question / Help Trying to line up everything in my obs.


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Hey guys, I just got an Elgato hd60 and a new webcam and im trying to line them all up audio wise, while also sending the audio to my desktop so i can actually hear the game coming from my pc with my switch plugged into the pc as well. Theres a few issues here.

1. the desktop audio has a bit of delay. I like it on cuz i can actually hear the game (the hdmi is plugged into my pc) but when im playing and the audio has a delay it kind of screws with me. How can i sync it to my desktop without screwing up the recording?

2. I cant lineup my webcam with my microphone. I could mess with my microphone, but the problem is, I lined up my audio delay on my mic to match the one in game. I tried buffering on my webcam that makes it worse, because i'd have to use a negative delay for it to match up with my webcam. Is there an easy fix to this? heres the log i dont think it will help much