Bug Report The Division 2 - Audio Channel Switching


Hi folks. So this one is AMAZING....

In The Division 2 the sound channels are switched in OBS but ONLY in OBS!

Madness right?

Basically I am using a two PC set-up with OBS running on the second rig. Everything works flawlessly (apart from the odd niggle here and then) but in The Division 2 although the sound via capture card's pass-through is perfectly normal and left channel is coming from the left headset cup/speaker the OBS meters and the stream chat hear it inverted!

The best part is.... if I open YouTube on the gaming rig and play a left/right speaker test channel OBS picks it up perfectly, as does the pass-through sound.

So SOMEHOW the game sound (and only this game, though I've heard CS:GO also does it on occasion) is getting inverted at the point it hits OBS because the pass-through is perfectly fine in both cases.

How's that for a puzzle!