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I'm looking for any type of software or plugin that can read the twitch chat out loud so that I don't have to look at the chat window every 5 seconds or so. It's not that I'm lazy but I'm planning on streaming a game that requires a lot of concentration and I find it easier to talk while playing instead of reading through the corner of my eyes.

Brent M. Huynh

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Hello, I've been using this text to speech. You can either download this program called " MIRC " (mirc.com) which also have what you are actually looking for.


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Yeah, now, I think, what this user is looking for
is a very nice coder who has already linked a google Google-based TTS or any free precoded reader chatbot into an obs plugin.
1. allow the user to exclude reading certain chatbots
2. Read chat for users who use the command like !say
3. can be set up to read certain types of users or specific regular followers or subscribers...
4. can be set to activate by bits or channel points or direct donations.
5. can be approved or disapproved by mods.
6. Using the program command center and read program you can create your own TTS voices
or use the provided ones.

in 2024 this is one of the most wanted obs type plugins and or features
all of the bots that are currently out there are an external program and usually are not free, and add more strain to otherwise already tight budgets( they also stink in terms of UI friendliness) > i personally have been searching more then 3 years for this great disability accommodation feature for OBS.

Btw, this topic is the first search result on Google in 2024. when you type TTS chat reader plug in for obs.

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