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Free TeamSpeak³ Channel-Clients Viewer Overlay 1.0


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TeamSpeak³ Channel-Clients Viewer Overlay - TeamSpeak Overlay

This is a tool made for streamers who want to display their TeamSpeak Cannel-Clients on their stream.

Current Version: 1.0 Beta

Install the Plugin on TeamSpeak:

  • Go to your Teamspeak program folder -> plugins -> lua_plugin
  • Create a new folder, rename it to "TSViewer"
  • Put this init.lua file in the "TSViewer" folder
  • Adjust user config below to your needs
  • Start Teamspeak, make sure the lua...

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Nice, its not working.
I am streaming right now, so if you want to pop in and help me set it up?

It is enabled on Lua plugins, and it is in the correct folder, and the appdata folder has been created.
But still it does not output any .txt!

EDIT: place the "TSViewer" folder in APPDATA/ROAMING, that will fix it, thanks Jack0r!

EDITx2: Please fix this issue: when one person is talking in TS3, all other talkers are not shown to be talking
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Works, but it does not show more then one person talking at once.

Start glitching out when more then one person starts talking.