Bug Report Syphon wont work on Mojave


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Syphon will not work for mac Mojave it cant find the source for some odd reason please fix this because anyone on Mojave cant use Syphon.


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Okay, two separate things.

One, Apple implemented a security feature on MacOS called SIP that in its latest version, as part of Mojave, disables things Syphon needs to work. The workaround is to disable SIP:


Secondly, Syphon (and OBS) depend on the OpenGL framework, which Apple appears to be in the process of deprecating in favor of their own framework, Metal. Apps that use the Metal framework cannot be captured by Syphon at all.

Your options basically are:

* Window or Display capture instead
* Disable SIP and reboot to use Syphon if you are capturing an OpenGL application
* Downgrade to High Sierra where Syphon still works without disabling SIP


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Is there any chance there will be better game captures in the future on Mojave? Cause my window/display capture are lacking performance


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I'm not a developer-- not on OBS or on anything else-- so I am not qualified to say so either by specific or general knowledge.

If, as a layperson and a Mac user, I had to guess, I would say no, unless either Apple makes a positive effort to enable it, or the OBS project makes a considerable investment of effort to enable a method of capture compatible with Metal; and in all likelihood it would not actually come to pass unless both these things happen.

This is unfortunately one of the results of Apple abandoning an open standard (OpenGL) and replacing it with their own proprietary API.

I wish there was better news forthcoming, either from Apple or OBS, but in the absence of new information or announcements, I do think that users who need to use OBS and have Syphon functionality should remain with High Sierra.