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[StreamPro.io] All-in-One Live Stream Editor - Everything you need in a Twitch overlay using a Photoshop-like editor

Hey everyone,

We've been hard at work and just released our beta for StreamPro, an all-in-one live stream editor for Twitch and Hitbox streamers. Here are a few Q&A for those interested.

1. What is StreamPro?

StreamPro is a web app that allows you to create awesome looking overlays for your Twitch or Hitbox stream using a drag & drop editor that feels like a poor man's Photoshop.

It's super easy to get setup, and we provide a ton of features for your stream.

2. What features...

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So this still a functioning tool since the actual StreamPro website has permanently closed\ended for good? Is this just something different with the exact same similarity name? Furthermore, did you build this tool to work exactly like StreamPro used to do but with some specially added features and enhancements to it that StreamPro.io \ streampro didn't have to it!??

Like does it also have pop-up your being raided by this streamer with this many viewers alerts + sounds with it? Does it even include how many are raiding you're channel or also hosting your channel too?
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