Streaming&Recording for longer than 2 hours result in huge audio off-sync


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Hi I'm new in the forum so if I'm posting this on the wrong place or something please let me know if I have to change something... Thanks!

That said the problem I'm currently facing is that when I'm streaming after about 2 hours go by, my audio starts to massively off sync in the sense that the audio comes like 10 seconds before the image itself, and of course the longer I keep streaming the longer this off sync can get. I've seen recording with like 15 minutes off sync. I typically record while streaming and before I would record and then stop to save, and whenever I had to record again I would do it and so on... but ever since this problem started like 3 o 4 months ago if I ever did that, the 2nd recording would be already out of sync and some parts missing )begining or end of video) due to this problem. So what I´ve been doing lately is do only 1 recording for the whole streaming but pausing every time I would normally stop recording the content. If that makes sense.

Also this problem does not happen because of me recording because I´ve had issues even in sessions when I´m not recording and the stream to my viewers would start to off sync as I´ve mentioned above. Of course I tried looking of this forum and other places for similar problems or fixes, but there is only like 3 other people that I´ve seen have this problem and there either was no fix, or the possible fixes they had didn´t work for me which is why I´m asking for your help today to see if I can finally fix this problem or at least understand what is causing it and hopefully do something about it. In the past streams I would stop recording, stop streaming and close and open OBS to stream again to fix this problem. I think it is kind of clear that I don´t know that much about OBS or anything that can may be causing this.

Any help would be very much appreciated and again if I´m posting this in the wrong place please let me know as well to do it in the correct place. Also I´m including the log from my last stream (yesterday-Sunday) when I had this issue and had to stop streaming and stream again.

Thanks everyone!


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Does it slowly drift, first unnoticeable, then barely noticeable, then more and more useless as time goes on? And if you plot it and follow the line back, it was actually drifting from the very beginning?

OBS's Monitor has been known to do that for a long time now. Whoever it was that wrote that, clearly didn't understand real-time signal processing, and treated it like a final broadcast instead. Lock to the destination's clock to keep it smooth there, and if the buffer runs low, just expand the buffer. End of thought.

The problem is that different clocks with the same nominal setting are not the exact same. Physical tolerances, temperature dependence with different temps in different parts of the machine, etc. So the Monitor drifts out of sync. Sometimes WAY out of sync! And dutifully expands the buffer without limit.

The workaround is to either disrupt the flow of audio to the Monitor periodically, so that the buffer resets, or send the Monitor to a virtual loopback device that probably uses the same clock that the rest of OBS does, and then figure out how to get the audio from that loopback to its actual destination. Thus putting the problem onto something else that has its *own* chance to get it right.
The Stream and Recording don't have that problem, so if you take the "blinking" approach, you only have to "blink" the path to the Monitor and not the path to the Stream/Recording.

Is that what you're looking at? Or is it something else? You keep mentioning the stream and recording, but I have a rig that runs the main audio through OBS's Monitor to an external thing, and it finally gets recorded downstream of that.