Question / Help Streaming OBS - Output skip / frame drop due to render lag


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So this issue started a month ago when someone noticed my stream was "glitching" but the frame rate was smooth and there were no dropped frames..
I tried ALL the following:
Adjusted Bit rate and resolution to all possible ranges and combinations
switched stream servers
re-installed OBS (a few times)
Updated AMD Rx580 drivers
Tried OBS Streamlabs
REINSTALLED WINDOWS and reformatted drives
flashed bios
opened computer and checked RAM... replaced thermal paste
Cleaned computer
Scan for virus
Tried different encoding
tried basically all forum tips I could find and all settings in OBS.. .. STILL lags.
NOW - I am noticing the glitching even when NOT streaming. The capture is not smooth on OBS.
STATS show that frames are ONLY being dropped due to render - so I set it to low resolution and no scaling... even 10 FPS.
STILL lags - even when not live. ~3% dropped frames!! CPU/GPU usage >70% at all times... memory >50% (16GB)
Can SOMEONE please give me input? I run OBS as ADMIN by default.. I've never had to ask help to fix a computer issue... Im stumped. Just wanna stream.
LOG from a test stream:
STATS box:


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I'm having the same issue but haven't got any help with this. Now my friend is also getting it. And he's not on Windows 10 either so it's not just a Windows 10 issue.