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Hi All,

I was having trouble with streaming League of Legends and Dead By Daylight to both Twitch and Youtube.
In my other thread User Narcogen helped with suggestions and he concluded that it must be ISP Throttling. I contacted my ISP and to be honest they did nothing except sent me a replacement router, which did not improve things.

Here is my current Log File in which I enabled "Enable new networking code" and it drastically improved but it stutters every so often now :

Twitch Tests:

Any ideas or even what I could mention to a technician if the ISP sends one out would be grateful


So the problem truly seems to be networking related. but there is a chance it is your PC and not the ISP.

Does your pc have wifi? Could test to see if you have the same issue over wifi or via a difference Ethernet adapter/cable .I know someone who has a lose connection for their Ethernet adapter and it can lose connection for a split second.

Also, you may want to go into your internet settings and do a network reset. On Windows 10, right click the internet icon in the bottom right. Click "Open Network and Internet settings". Then scroll through until you see the "Network reset" button. It requires a restart.

Those are the only inputs I have at this current moment but I will keep thinking of possibilities.
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So on suggestion of a friend I set my IPV4 to use Googles DNS address and it's working perfectly now.

I still have to have "Enable new networking code" enabled though as I tried testing without it and it yielded over 50% frame drops