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Hello everyone.

I am trying to stream on with my Mac using OBS 0.8.3 but I am having hard time to get a clear stream.

The problem is that my stream has got a lot of pixel when my char is moving in game or what ever he does.

So is there someone here who achieved to stream with a good quality on twitch and could guide me please ?

I have a Imac late 2012 and an upload of 3,5 Mb on speed net.

I have tried a lot of parameters but nothing fits... I'm a bit despair...

Thanks for help.


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The only thing you could do is increase your bitrate or decrease your scaled resolution. For me, I use 852x480 scaled resolution, 1250 bitrate, and Ultrafast preset. Those settings seem to work well and give a nice quality for me, without impacting FPS too much. With your upload speed, I'd suggest not going above 2000 bitrate.


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My base resolution is 1920*1080 and i scaled it to 1280*720.
I was using 2200 bitrate and 2600 buffer size.

With ultrafast preset.

I will try yours.

PS : i tried but still pixelated... a lot... i don't think it's twitch because people with less views than me has a really good quality...
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Hmm... not sure what to suggest then. Here's my complete settings in the output tab:
Rescale output: 852x480
Bitrate: 1250
Use custom buffer size: unchecked
Keyframe interval: 0
Use CBR: checked (Twitch requires that, anyway)
CPU Preset: Ultrafast
Profile: High
Tune: fastdecode

Here's a sample of what those setting look like for me:
And here's a video showing all my settings:

It does get a bit pixelated at times, but it's bearable.

You could always boost the bitrate to 2000-2500 with 480p. Also, post your latest log file from the last time you streamed, and a link to the video on your Twitch channel.
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