Stream issue


I use OBS on a 7 month old PC with a RTX4080 graphics card and the best i7 processor with 64 gigs of RAM.

I have a streaming quality issue.

Here's what the game screen looks like on the main monitor and in OBS.

1 not fuzzy.jpg

Here's what it looks like on YouTube

1 fuzzy.jpg

Here's the video settings.



A couple who watched the stream says it looks just fine.

I watched on my phone and still fuzzy.

Is the video fuzzy because I'm watching from the account that's streaming or is there some setting I need to change to clean up the video?


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You're streaming at 5000 kbps which makes normal how it looks on stream.
To get better results you should use 10000 kbps or more.

As you're streaming to youtube and have a RTX 4080, you may want to try and use HEVC encoder instead of NVEC. First select in Stream settings Youtube HLS, which unlock this encoder for streaming. Now select HEVC as encoder. This gives better quality with less kbps.
A pro advice, use simple output mode.


Tried all that and no change.

What's interesting is at the church I go to I can stream using OBS to Facebook on a worse internet connection with a PC from 2017 and the video is not fuzzy.