Stream a game and at the same time another window that also interacts with the keys pressed.


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My son basically wanted to make something like Bongo Cat but designing it hemself. So he made a HTML that interacts with the key board pressed. When he wants to stream a game he also would like to have an overlay window with the HTML that also responds on the keys pressed. He tried using the brower source. But this does not respond to they keys because he first has to push the interact button but that pops up a new window and ofcourse he cannot play the game then anymore. Is there some possibility to stream like 2 windows that are both responding to the keyboard? Or are there some other plugings? Note that instead of having the HTML we also make an exe file that is running but the main problem still is how to have this responding to the keyboard and also the game he is playing. Thanks for your help!



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This might be a good time to introduce him to the concept of an "XY problem". How else can the same thing be done? And what different side-effects does that method have, compared to the current method? Maybe one of those new side-effects will be useful.