Strategies to make video smoother.

When I made my main video a VHS playback of contents I own it ran at a full 30 frames. But my mecam was running at about 2 to 5 frames per second very choppy almost Max headroom like, except not as quickly flashing.

Upstairs my when I run an Xbox live in 720p mode my first camera goes from five frames per second to one frame per 5 seconds. It looks more like a snapshot slideshow that doesn't move perspective than it does a video.

My first one was done on Mac OS 10.9 with the highest version of OBS for that machine. The one with the Xbox One is a 10.13 machine with the highest version of OBS for that.

I lose a camera sometimes when I try to put in stereoscopic mode, and I noticed when the internet is completely turned off no pictures process at all on the second video it's like locally It could only store enough video for one device.

By the way this is what I got on my devices, the phone that powers my video game systems gets two to five Meg outbound 5 to 12 Meg inbound as a typical bandwidth. What I colloquially call 3.5 G and it's unlimited.

The video I captured out to is piped into a second monitor, which is a cell phone, and has 4G speeds which is around 10 to 20 meg out. Since the cell phone only handles the video the video goes out well.

I suspect there's a combination to do with my bandwidth and my resolution. My bandwidth is what it is and it was fighting for megs to try to get this this is the best I could literally do is two separate cell phones one of them on the network that powers my video games.

I was wondering what strategies I could do to assure more stability in the picture. Should I drop to a lower version than OBS then best possible for the Retro operating system? Should I intentionally cut the resolution of the pictures coming in? I noticed VHS had a lot better picture than Xbox One.

For some strange reason, the processing of OBS goes heck when there's no internet connected to it. So I should have it hooked up to my hotspot cell phone and broadcast out on my real cell phone.

Also I heard you're more popular on Twitch if you have less bandwidth usage they tend to prefer you over someone else on the list with similar content and is easier on twitches servers. is there a way to intentionally downgrade the broadcast? it's like my cell phone can handle the 720p piped in but my network can't. It's like the obs program requires internet for it to run instead of processing it internally.

I'm not using my Mac to send out the video so therefore if there's any web processors which is kicking off cameras and stuttering frames I'd like to be able to turn them off so that it could just be a straight video production as far as the apple is concerned and then my Android just screen captures the result and broadcast that to Twitch.

Any suggestions how to do that?