Stop/Start Local recording Plugin


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Hi everyone!

Can someone make a plugin for obs?
I think that will be useful for us!

In some period of time (30 min... typed from plugin-settings?) plugin stops the local recording of stream and start it again.

It needs cuz of large mp4 files wont open in video editors like Sony Vegas and tools like ffmpeg do nothing.


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Large mp4 files wont open in Sony Vegas?
I regularly work with files above 50gb in Vegas, and never had a problem. But the plugin is of course a viable request, if someone has the time to write it :)
I fiddled with making one a while ago when it was being talked about a lot. I dropped it when I found out that it will miss ~3 seconds when it stops and restarts recording, I think due to the way recording is stopped and started in OBS. I can pick it up again but I just want you (and others who want this) to be aware that it will drop those three seconds and there is nothing I can do about it.