Stinger transition stopping midway in and out a specific scene


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Hi guys,

Here is my issue: (Log and video included down the thread)

My transition doesn't play entirely and is stopped midway. And this is only happening with the first scene.

For instance, the transition works perfectly from Scene 2 to Scene 3 and Scene 3 to Scene 2 (althought as you can see on the video, we see a part of scene 1 before the transition begins even i do NOT go through the scene 1, I don't know why)

When I go to Scene 1 or leave scene 1, the transition either doesn't play or is cut midway and move to the scene i've selected.

So I've also tried deleted scene 1 and add another scene (scene 4 , but i've tried it before the log entry and the video so you won't see them). Then in this case it is the Scene 2 that is bugged and my transition is not working properly in/out of this scene.

Little Note: My transitions work without problem in Streamlabs OBS, so I guess it is an issue with OBS. I've had this issue since many months, so that's why I stick with SLOBS with hoping it would be fixed in a new OBS update, but it still didn't, so I've decided to post a support request here ! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Thanks in advance for your help !!

Log file :