Stinger Transition Ignoring Properties


New Member
As the title says, I'm having an issue with my Stinger Transition ignoring the changes I make in the transition properties.

When a scene switch is activated and the duration of the transition is set to frames, the scene will switch instantly (regardless of duration) and play the stinger at the same time. I'm able to see this because the stinger has an alpha channel. When the duration is set to milliseconds, the stinger plays but the scene changes after the stinger has played through regardless of duration.

I have tested other styles of transitions to troubleshoot the issue, but the duration times work properly on everything except the stinger.

In case this info is needed, I am on version 27.2.4 (64 bit) and the stinger transition in question is .webm in format.

Hoping someone else has had and solved this issue.

Thanks in advance.