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Speech Countdown Timer v.1.0


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Speech Countdown Timer - Free speech timer with dockable control panel.

This is a countdown timer that takes user input in minutes from a control panel and starts a countdown clock. It can be customized with basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS . The BroadcastChannel API was used for communication between the control panel and browser layer.
  1. Download the Zip file and unzip it.
  2. send.html is the control panel file.
    1. Open this in a browser and copy the address.
    2. In OBS, add a new browser dock with the copied address as the source...

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Very envious, because this is specifically what I need for Zoom, but I'm using a Mac.
Currently running Smart Countdown Timer as a separate application and using Window Capture to bring it in. Which is not that hard; the hardest part was finding a timer app I liked.