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OBS Lua Source toggler 0.0.4


It would make it possible to have different sources put in the same place switch on and off. For example multiple cameras switching between each other, or imaga slideshow switching off and then showing txt file info or anything. It would be practical.


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@kutibotond That would make a totally different lua script, that I could make as soon as a higher version of OBS is released, which makes groups better accessible for lua scripting.

Andy Hsia

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it will hide when copying one of the text.


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@jmcc94 there is no plugin version yet, why would you want that?

I was thinking about the ability to put this as a filter on a scene/group or maybe as a source alongside the sources to be toggled.
This would then allow it to have the interactions as other filters or sources - have it's visibility changed, interacted with 'move value', have specific transition etc...

Could also tie into Automatic Source/Scene switching as an option...?


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How difficult would it be to incorporate dropdown lists for groups and sources when adding?

Its not a pain to copy and paste the name of the group name or scene name.. but it would be cool to add this into the script.

I have learned a million separate coding framework languages.. and i'm not overly enthused about picking up learning lua scripting.

At the least. since i have a coding background. if i had to it wouldn't be a hardship. but at the least i would need to know the object names to reference after i've brushed up on the structure and calling.


If I select the option to not turn off all of the sources, and then I click on the active source, it turns off the source but leaves the indicator lit like it's active. Once it's in this state, it can be confused enough to leave multiple indicators on, even though the source is off, and can turn off all sources and all indicators.

Running version 0.0.3 on OBS 26.1.2

I have 12 image and video sources in the group.


I'm going to try my hand at locating and fixing this bug. I've not done any work yet with scripts, so it should be interesting :)


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Its kinda bugged tbh, when I rename the group, it keeps working and it should not, if I delete the entry in the script as well, the group still makes the action of toggling.

It does not feel like its in perfect condition. A little revision should be able to solve this.
Hello Exeldro!

Would it be possible for you to also provide a "Filter toggler" for a scene/source? Use case is having more graphics elenents in an external program (e.g. Powerpoint) and bringing them individually live by means of differnt "cut" filters to the window capture source.

Jaimon Orlé

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How difficult would it be to incorporate dropdown lists for groups and sources when adding?

@Exeldro In an addition to this, I found that when I add groups/scenes to the toggler, if I rename them later on, it doesn't automatically adjust to the new name, thus rendering the toggle useless until I add the scene/group again with the updated name. Is there a possible solution to this?


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I love this script. It really cleans up a lot of the things I like to do re-using scenes with different backdrops. I am moving to more complicated scenes now, and I am curious if anyone know the best method for using a keycommand to run through all the sources in a group in a scene, especially when that scene is not the scene I have open.


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hi great @Exeldro great plugin, thanks for sharing...
i have a question/request...

is it posible to add to this pluging, the ability to enable visibility of different sources randomly (one of a group) everytime the containing group scene gets called? or do you know of any other plugin that do this?... thanks in advance!