Question / Help Soundcraft Ui24r USB DAW audio inputs


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Was just wondering if any one has had any experience with Soundcrafts Ui24r console using its multitrack USB interface in to OBS? I've had some hit and miss results with it and although it shows all the inputs and outputs up in OBS, it doesn't seem to route or pick up audio as I would expect it to.
For instance, If i have 4 separate channels of audio on the console, I can stream these in to any DAW audio program such as Tracks live or Studio One, but with OBS -it seems to list all the channels - but then when selecting inputs 1 and 2 from the drop down list (for some reason they are listed as stereo channels) it seems to pick up and pull in the main left/right mix from the console - not the individual channels......
Has any one seen this with either this console or any other console or have I just missed something in OBS?

Any pointers would be great as I've only just started using OBS!

Andre Luna

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Outputs Ui24r
In 1/2 = L/R
In 3/4 = aux01/aux02
In 5/6 = aux03/aux04
In 7/8 = aux05/aux06
In 9/10 = aux07/aux08

Inputs Ui24r
In 11/12 = ch01/ch02
In 13/14 = ch03/ch04
In 15/16 = ch05/ch06
In 17/18 = ch07/ch08
In 19/20 = ch09/ch10
In 21/22 = ch11/ch12