Question / Help [SOLVED] SoundFlower and OSX 10.11 El Capitan

Discussion in 'Mac Support' started by TickleMeOzmo, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. TickleMeOzmo Active Member

    Beta version of a signed Soundflower (as required by Apple, this version of Soundflower.kext will be
    installed in the /Library/Extensions folder, not in /System/Library/Extensions as previous versions were).

    This version restores the 2ch & 64ch devices to work with apps that expect this (like soundflowerbed)
    1. Download the newest version
    2. Run "Uninstall Soundflower.scpt"
    3. REBOOT
    4. Did you reboot?? YOU HAVE TO REBOOT.
    5. Run the installer, "Soundflower.pkg"
  2. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    Also,it's better than the normal Soundflower:)
  3. Light And Magic Active Member

    I went for iShow Audio Capture suggested in a different post and couldn't be happier, I will not need WavTap and SoundFlower anymore I think.
  4. TickleMeOzmo Active Member

    Sure, if you want to pay for the same function you get free in Soundflower.
  5. Light And Magic Active Member

    The driver is free, just for the record. But of course the information about SoundFlower and how it can continue to work is also still valuable.
  6. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    Does the iShowU Audio Capture works with Audio MIDI Setup?because I tried making a Multi-Output device and it doesn't show up in the Desktop Audio in OBS.
  7. Light And Magic Active Member

    I can confirm it works, amsyar.
  8. Manuel Miranda New Member

    if anyone is still experiencing problems and needs a little help, click the link that i provide and it will be a full explanation on how to put sound flower back on your mac running el capitan. hope this helps.
    Link :
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  9. juancarloscc New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I used soundflower to control volume and equalize the speakers of my external hd monitor. I used to chose "Soundflower (2Ch)" as the audio output on my Mac settings and then chose the HDMI output on the SoundflowerBed app that remained on my taskbar. However, when I updated to El Capitan and SoundflowerBed would say that soundflower was not installed, so I installed the new version of soundflower through the link posted on this forum, but now when I choose any output on SoundflowerBed it crashes and I get no sound.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks everyone.
  10. juancarloscc New Member

    I followed this procedure precisely, but now I cannot find SoundflowerBed anywhere so I can choose the output I want.
    Any suggestions?
  11. toric5 New Member

    same as the guy above me, i installed the latest sound flower, doing everything exactly as said, but i now lack soundflowerbed...
  12. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    The new one doesn't have Soundflowerbed.You'll have to use Audio MIDI Setup.
  13. toric5 New Member

    is there any tutorial on how to set it up with only audio MIDI setup?
  14. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    Follow these steps:
    1.Install Soundflower.

    2.Go to Audio MIDI Setup

    3.Click the '+' sign at the bottom left of the window and select 'Create Multi-Output Device'(Aggregate is just the same,but I'm using Multi-Output)

    4.Check the boxes at the 'Use' column next to Built-In Output and Soundflower 2ch(64ch is not recommended).Also tick the box in the 'Drift Correction' column for Built-In Output.

    5.Adjust your volume before switching(I'll tell you why in the next step)

    6.Go to System Preferences->Sound->Output and choose your Multi-Output device(or whatever you named it).BEWARE that this option will make your volume unadjustable.

    7.Go to OBS->Settings->Audio then select Soundflower 2ch as the Desktop Audio Device.

    Done!If you want to adjust it back,switch to Built-In Output.The downside to this method is that you must switch to the multi-output device you created for OBS to hear.

    I will update this thread with a video later.
  15. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    How?What setup do I need to do?
  16. Alexandr New Member

  17. The Stove Member

    I posted a separate thread for my issue today, but I can't seem to get this installed on 10.11.1 after following your steps. The thread is located here with more information.
  18. amsyar ZeRo Well-Known Member

    I made a guide here using iShowU Audio Capture with the same reaction as @Light And Magic .Thanks!
  19. bobbyddd New Member

    I don't understand something about this: if I set the system->audio output as "SoundFlower", it no longer has the option of monitoring that output via Built-In Output, like the previous version did. is there a way to hear the sound while it is recording?
  20. C4theSlime Member

    Hey guys, so this definitely worked for me, but the thing is, i can't actually hear the audio. Any fix for this? I've already checked but i can't hear the audio playback.