solutions for OBS 4k 60fps recording and streaming from thinkpad t480


New Member
Hi there,

I'm a newcomer and have been using OBS for 1080p 30fps recording from my Thinkpad t480 for several months, now I'm considering upgrading my video to 4k 60 with a DLSR camera.

The first solution I'm looking at is to plug an eGPU into my t480, but I failed to find any verified case for this solution, not sure if it will work out, or if it can, not sure what level of graphics card I will need, and the external capture card for 4k 60 seems to be over pricing and not stable for long term work?

The second solution is to build a dedicated desktop for this purpose, I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a high-end CPU like i9-12900K WITHOUT a graphics card to make it? Or if there has to be a graphics card, will a lower CPU like i5-12600K will be enough?

Thank you guys!