Question / Help So I installed OBS and it halved my CS:GO frames...


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Just by installing OBS my frames in CSGO were basically halved. I will usually get like 150-200 FPS and now I get around 70 or so. Sometimes it will jump to 90 but it does not stay there. I uninstalled OBS and everything I could find of it on my PC and my CS frames have still not returned to normal. Originally I thought it was the Microsoft Visual C++ from 2013 that was messing it up but when I installed the one with the one from Nov. 24th it didn't make me install that and now I can't fix it.

I should have put this up there with the rest of the info but I didn't feel like going back and rewording things. I had installed OBS like 2 days prior and it did the same thing, that was the one released on Dec. 4th. My friend told me about the one that had been released on Nov. 24th so yesterday afternoon I decided to give that a try and the only difference I can see is that I didn't have to install the Microsoft C++ stuff from before. I even tried a system restore from 2 days ago after I had uninstalled OBS for the first time and before I had installed it for the 2nd time and it didn't fix anything. So now I have to reach out to you guys in hopes you can help me figure this out because CSGO is the main game I play on PC and now I can't play it. I haven't tried any other games, I sometimes will play H1Z1 or Skyrim but I've not seen if it's effected those yet.

My Specs are:
Processor; AMD FX(tm) 4300 Quad-Core 3.80 GHz

I am running Win. 10 Home Edition.

I don't know how to get a log file, especially on Win. 10. I don't know if you will need one but all the threads I looked through on here there was one. So please let me know if you need one & how to get it.


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Just as an update, I tried out H1Z1 and it doesnt seem to have effected that, so I think it's only CSGO.


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CS:GO is running without a frame rate limit and maxing out either your CPU or GPU. Running OBS on top of that will result in a fight for system resources. You need to limit your FPS in-game, which will reduce the load on your system and leave some spare CPU/GPU power for OBS to work with. You can use vsync, the fps_max cvar, a third-party tool like NVIDIA Inspector, etc. Cap it near your monitor's refresh rate and try again.