Question / Help Slight problem streaming 1 specific game, and not sure if it's OBS or what

Hello, I've recently started streaming via OBS playing games like Binding of Isaac/Borderlands 2 with no problem. However I went to go stream Hearthstone (Previously on Mavericks, and again today after downloading OS Yosemite) and I'd have the stream going, and when it got to the "finding opponents" loading wheel the game does, it'd just stay on that screen the whole time, music still going/animation still going (indicating that the game did not freeze). And it'd go on infinitely till I hit "Stop Streaming" in OBS at which point Hearthstone will show me that I've lost for being inactive in the game.I was just wondering if this was a problem with the Mac Version of OBS specifically, if it could maybe just be my internet can't handle it, or something else.

Also, i hope this is the right place to post it, i wasn't really sure if I should mention on OBS site or the hearthstone site.