Skipped Frames on a new high-end system during Recording


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As you can see from this, I'm recording and rendering in 2k, but I'd imagine my system could handle it. A 3080 is pretty damn powerful for what I'm doing. I thought I could boost my bitrate a bit beyond the 24,000 recommended minimum but I still get packets of frames like this. It's usually only ever ~10-20 frames at a time, but it's extremely noticeable as if it dropped an entire second. Sometimes it is actual seconds just lost, and not just 7 frames here or there. I believe this still even happens on 24,000 Bitrate

Is there anything I can do besides dropping the quality? I could live with the 24,000 bitrate if the other tinkering I did means no more dropped frames. (Ex. Turned off the stupid Game Bar) Should I offload onto my CPU instead since I'm using not even 1% during recordings? Every topic I can find on that is before the recent boom in tech, but they all say to avoid CPU encoding because of how intensive it is.

Here's a pic of when it randomly drops a LOT of frames even when not doing anything in-game. I was idle, taking the picture with Print Screen when this happened



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Alright I did one more test this morning. OBS set to high priority in both settings and task manager, turned off Nvidia G-Sync because I hear that's a problem for OBS. Couple other settings changed.

I recorded a black screen, no game, for 14:30. Every time I lost frames, I reset the Status to know how many frames I lost per frame loss. And over the course of that recording I had the following Skipped frames due to encoding lag:
9, 4, 15, 7, 7, 66, 4

My CPU is less than 3% used the entire recording. My GPU maxed out at about 64% use (and that's just could be how much the GPU is sending and not how much it actually is being used). So I'm not even CLOSE to maxing out my computer and I'm getting all these dropped frames. You could argue that the 4s and such aren't that bad, but 66 dropped frames in a row is more than an entire second of freeze frame in a real recording.

Is there ANY possible suggestion I might have missed across all the many posts I've read? I don't think I am having issues with streaming at all but I'll update after today's stream I plan to do. But that's also down at 1080p 6000kps because Twitch