Simple mIRC script for on screen chat


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New streamer here, not new to mIRC. Just want to say I am loving OBS!

This is a simple mIRC script I threw together for myself after reading some of the other threads on the topic. The script saves the last 10 lines (configurable) of chat text to a file. Feel free to use or edit, change how you want. Tried to make it user friendly, but it can be integrated much better into mIRC if you know what you're doing.

Download Here:

NOTE: You will need to edit two settings before loading this script. Open with a text editor and change your channel name, and how many lines you want it to save, I found 10 to be a good number.

In OBS you'll want to set a custom text extent for it and use word wrap most likely.

Hope you find this useful!

Here is a paste of the code:
;Twitch Chat for OBS by Malforce
;A mIRC Script

;change malforce to your channel name below (leave the #)
;change the maxlines number to the number of chat lines you wish to display on OBS
;save the script obschat.mrc to your ..AppData\Roaming\mIRC folder
;load the script in mIRC - Alt + R, File - Load
;Or add /load -rs obschat.mrc to autorun - Tools, Options, Connect, Options, Perform...
;Note - If you type in mIRC it won't show your own chat on OBS, only others.

;Next, add your channelname.txt file as a text input in OBS, adjust settings as needed
;and you're done!

alias obsinit {
  /set %mychan #malforce          
  /set %maxlines 10

  ;Do Not Edit Below This Line------------------------------------------------
  /set %tvchan $remove(%mychan,$left(%mychan,1))
  /set %obsfile %tvchan $+ .txt

  /fopen -o %obsfile %obsfile
  /fclose %obsfile

  /join %mychan


alias logchat {
  /var %lns = $lines(%obsfile)
  if (%lns == %maxlines) { /write -dl1 %obsfile | /write %obsfile $1- }
  else { /write %obsfile $1- }

on 1:START:/obsinit

on 1:TEXT:*:%mychan:/logchat $nick - $1-


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i have a slight problem with this script.. it seems like if someone writes a wall of text it only treats it as 1 line. so it creates a slight lag on the chat until its been pushed up by reaching the 10 lines of chat


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Note - If you type in mIRC it won't show your own chat on OBS, only others.
=> what to change that this wont be the case and every post will be shown, own too?