Question / Help significant cut in performance after updating to SSD drive


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Hello, I have been using OBS studio for streaming and recently updated to an SSD drive with my same setup. On the HDD i was getting a solid 60 fps 1920x1280 with no frame drops or performance issues. But after updating to an SSD, I'm getting a significant drop in performance, with many frame drops. It is a fresh install of windows 10 with all of the drivers installed. I used the Auto config wizard and installed all of my drivers including video card. The game runs with 60+fps with no performance issues, but the stream is not smooth like it used to be. Could this be a configuration issue?

I have just tried everything in "Dropped frames/disconnecting/lag? Read this first!". Switched to ethernet cable instead of wireless adapter, but still getting low frames in the 20's without any frame drops.
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1) Disable "Game Mode" and every other option in "Windows settings (Windows key + I shortcut)--> gaming category" and run tests again;

2) Some of the tests shown in the log show the GPU is being stressed beyond its capabilities. VSYNC or frame rate limiter are usually recommended to allow some leftover GPU resources to be used by OBS. If that won't suffice, lowering the captured software graphical settings is required;

3) There's a small amount of encoding problems as well. With only 6k bitrate to spare, the arguably best compromise between video motion fluidity and detail quality is achieved at 900p@60PS, which should also clear encoding lag.

4) NVENC has similar quality to x264@very fast so don't bother with the latter unless you want to run slower x264 CPU presets.