Sigh. Sonoma Update

Welp, I was holding off updating anything because updates always bring problems. I don’t know if I’m really posting here to ask a question or to just inform people.

M1 Max MacStudio. Apple Cinema Display through a Dual DVI to USB-C adapter, AT2020 USB+ and Logitech c920 webcam.

I was on Monterey and OBS 30 was freezing more and more. Freezing in a way that I could see my scenes but buttons didn’t respond. File menu had to be double clicked to work. More and more when I Command-Q it would quit with a “OBS didn’t shut down properly”. When opening again it asks to open in safe mode if I want. Deleted preferences, so OBS looks factory new. Same issues. Reinstalled OBS, same issues.

So finally, with no projects currently in the works, I upgraded to Sonoma.

I had a couple lags at first but now it’s running without giving errors when quitting. But I have several new problems.

I was recording at 50,000Kbps with H265 hardware encoder, and ABR. Worked fine every time for dozens and dozens of videos. NOW however the recording starts to lag more and more. I can’t see during recording but on playback the video slowly transforms into basically a series of still images. Like 1-2 FPS. It will start to speed up again but then go bad again.

Tried numerous changes to the encoder settings. Tried different bit rates, CBR, CRF, B Frames, etc. only way to get it to work that way was setting Kbps VERY low. Like 5000. But why after my upgrade to my recordings only work when it’s 15,000 Kbos less than before?!

What worked for me was changing from HD 264 hardware encoder to HEVC hardware encoder. I could even crank the Kbps to 120,000. (I don’t need file sizes that large, I just wanted to see what would happen. A stress test if you will).

But WHY was H.264 working in Monterey but not Sonoma with everything else the same?

My webcam element in OBS keeps glitching. For about a frame it will crop itself from the bottom. Once it was 1/4th of the image, another time a 1/2 of the image. Only noticed it a few times. But why is that happening now?

Also, I like to have a fake background to replace my green screen. So I have downloaded an image to use behind me and I put my camera and fake background in a folder. I can now move the folder around the screen and re-crop the folder as needed. But after a minute, the crop gets insanely wonky. The dashed green lines are no longer directly over the image, they are far off to one side or the other. And I will have to move the green dashed border in all sorts of weird ways before eventually seeing the resulting crop happening on my image.

I think it has something to do with all of the virtual camera features in Sonoma. Indeed, when I use the virtual camera effects in Finder, I see them in OBS. If I choose the blur background effect in the Sonoma virtual camera I see everything behind me blur in OBS even if they are their own elements in a different layer. The blurred background effect seems to act like an adjustment layer and final cut where whatever you do to the adjustment layer affects everything below it.

So anyway, I’m just posting this to let people know what’s going on with one guy who just upgraded to Sonoma. Maybe others are having the same issues and want to verify if it’s just them or not. Better yet maybe someone has answers!