Should i consider using x264 since i


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Hello, I have a Ryzen 7 5800x3D, an RX 6600, and 16GB RAM (3200mhz). I do single PC streaming and notice a significant performance loss when gaming and streaming at the same time, when I game my GPU is at full load, and my CPU is at 40-50% use. Would I benefit encoding with my CPU rather than my gpu?


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CPU encoding sends its usage through the roof! And that's shared with the game. If you have a monster CPU, it might be okay, but if you have a dedicated section of silicon that only does that, it's usually better to do it there.

Most GPU's that support encoding do have a dedicated section for it, that does nothing else, and doesn't count towards the GPU load. It's possible though, that your GPU does it in software, so it does count, and is shared with the game.

You can try CPU encoding to see if you can get away with it, but you might be looking at a different GPU.


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You have what was the fastest gaming CPU money could buy not long ago, it won't break a sweat gaming and streaming at 1080p and medium preset. Even first gen Ryzens could pull off 1080p and fast/faster preset, with all the issues AMD has fixed and improved upon since.


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Bro i don't think you should do for x264 because i have a ryzen 9 3800xt and i tried it but i could not get that result.